Proudly Made In Britain

Proudly Made In Britain

Our products have been carefully crafted in England since 1805, and they embody the essence of British heritage at its best.

When William Francis Truefitt opened his shop over two hundred years ago, his focus was firmly set on the quality of his services and products. In fact Truefitt's passion for perfection was reflected in the production of gentleman's wigs, which were soon recognised as the most sought after wigs in London and were worn by the King himself. In fact, it was the perfect fit of Truefitt's wigs in the bygone days that gave raise to the English phrase 'right as a trivet', which was a corruption of Truefitt! Indeed if anything was a perfect fit, it was as right as Truefitt's wig.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, chemists, perfumers, cosmetic scientists, designers and craftsmen work tirelessly to deliver our products, known today for their distinctive tradition of innovation and excellence.

Our iconic ranges will continue to be produced in England as we constantly endeavour to create new and exciting products in response to our customers’ needs.

Maintaining the vision

Today Truefitt & Hill continues to strive to maintain our founder's vision of bringing the highest quality goods and services to the patrons who arrive through our doors. We pride ourselves on using a range of UK based manufacturers to ensure that we bring the very best of British product to our customers.

From it’s humble beginnings in Mayfair, today we have stores in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, South Korea and Kuwait, with more due to open their doors in the future.

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