Learn To Love The Skin You're In

Learn To Love The Skin You're In

Top tips:

– Get the habit of looking well-groomed all the time (it’s not hard once you get started)
– A good moisturiser deserves the lion’s share of your skin care budget
– Choose a moisturiser that matches your lifestyle

Skin Care is an Evolving Story

Fashion and what you wear only truly works if you look after what’s underneath. Skin care has no final chapter. Skin care is a continued story – and a continuing one of birth and reincarnation, never standing still and changing constantly throughout seasons, through change, through life, throughout time.
Putting these principles to work, there’s a great deal in common between the person who creates Truefitt & Hill’s skin care range and the man who uses it. Disciplinarians both, most ideas and creations at Truefitt & Hill come from trying to solve their own problems – problems like yours. There’s a desire on both parts to love the skin you’re in.

Be Skin Fussy even if you’re not Fashion Fussy.

Fashion trends and cycles may not concern you; you’re happy in that bespoke suit, those Levis, the coat, the mac, but regardless of changing fashions and you’re disinterest, remaining fresh faced, subtle and healthy looking is a priority. 
And remember a first appearance always comes from how your skin looks.

Skin Care vs. Price Wars

If bargain basement works for you then great, but once you’ve dipped your toe in the fragrant waters of Truefitt & Hill and you’ve discovered near perfection, you’re soon discover that old adage ‘the most expensive is the cheapest in the end’ couldn’t be more true.

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